Thursday, November 1, 2012

One More Month?

Ok so I have miserably failed. Someone suggested I ask for a little grace and extend my challenge by 1 month to Dec 1st. I really have no excuses, just need to have a little more trust and belief in myself. I got this, I know I do. So for those of you committed to donating are you down with me extending this by one month?

Friday, October 5, 2012

What's in a Number?

There it is for all to see. YIKES! My starting weight as of October 1st. I really have no issue letting the world know that number. In fact I really don't know why people get so secretive about their weight in the first place. I mean, if you are overweight it's not like not saying the number out loud leads people to think you are 130 pounds. People have eyes. Ha! Anyways, there it is. I realize a lot of people think we shouldn't focus on the numbers on a scale. I do partly agree with this, but I also think knowing where you are and where you should be is important too. The number is part of the journey, so embrace it and then kick it's butt so hard it will never show up on your scale again.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I am still having issues uploading photos. As soon as I can figure it out I will be sure to post the picture of my weight from October 1st.

One of my biggest struggles with weight loss has been staying motivated. You would think the risk of a myriad of diseases would be enough to get me off my butt everyday. I am certainly not a lazy person, I am actually pretty active in the normal day to day. That alone is probably the reason I have been able to at least maintain my current weight over the last few years. But quite obviously that is not good enough. I tend to convince myself that I will work out later. I put it off and then before I know it it is dinner time, then we have errands to run, the dog to walk, TV shows to watch and then time to go to bed. Yes those are clearly all excuses and I own that. I need to find the drive to get my workouts in first thing in the morning so they are out of the way and regardless of what comes up throughout the day and evening it doesn't matter because I have already put my time in.

So how do I keep myself motivated to get up every morning and put in my 60-90 minutes? It really should be as easy as waking up, putting on some workout clothes and just doing it. Yet somehow I always have that fight with myself of "ill do it later" instead of JUST DOING IT. It shouldn't be so complicated, yet it feels like it is. My other issue is that I seem to lose focus really easily. I will work out everyday for 2 weeks and be feeling great but then we will go out of town for the weekend or have a day or two of not feeling well. I get out of my routines and then my focus is gone and I am right back to square one. Frustrating.

But, upward and onward right? I know I can do this, I have done it before and I will do it again. One day and one pound at a time.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Losing for the Cure

As most of you know I lost my mum to breast cancer in 1996. I myself have had 2 scares over the last few years that resulted in many tests including two different biopsies. The reality for me going forward will be yearly MRI's and mammograms for the rest of my life. Raising awareness for breast cancer is a cause that is very close to my heart. I am just one person but if can do even a little and raise a couple of hundred dollars that makes me happy. So here is the plan...

I am using the month of October which is breast cancer awareness month to re motivate myself into a better direction of health and happiness. My weight loss (or lack thereof) journey is one that has been going on for years. I have struggled to stay the course and reach my goals and at times I have felt defeated. But the good news is, I have never given up and I don't intend to start now. SO my job is to lose weight, all I ask of you is to support me, push me and donate to a worthy cause in the process. My starting weight as of October 1st was 221.1. I did take a picture of the scale but for some reason it's not uploading. I will post it as soon as it will let me. I will weigh myself on November 1st and whatever I have lost I am asking you to match that number and donate to either the Susan G Komen foundation or the National Breast Cancer Foundation in memory of my mum. I know there will be those of you who would prefer just to donate a specific amount and you can do that at any time by visiting my page at Susan G Komen by clicking HERE or the National Breast Cancer Foundation by clicking HERE. If you are choosing to donate based off of my weight loss number after I weigh myself Nov 1st, please just leave me a comment to let me know that.

I am going to challenge myself to post here daily to help keep myself on track so be sure to check back daily. I appreciate your support and willingness to donate to a cause that is so important to me. Please spread the word, tell your friends and pass the links to my donation pages around